Friday, 21 August 2009

Another Lard Related Idea

I've changed my story again! Here is the new synopsis ...
Lard's Day Out
Lard is surprised to find his father has taken him to a desolate wasteland. As his father settles down to relax for the day, Lard explores the dead barren lands that surround him in the hope of finding something interesting to occupy his time. Suddenly he stumbles across a stranded polar bear. After briefly assessing the situation he decides to help the polar bear out. Together they build an aircraft and the polar bear ultimately finds his way back home.

This story is a lot more simpler then my previous ideas, but I think because of this I'll be able to work a bit harder on the animation itself. At the moment, I'm working on concept designs and such, So we'll just have to see where it goes.
I have also thought of some pretty interesting ideas for Lard's character. As soon as I have figured them out myself, I will post them up...
Other things that may or may not be relevant...
-The onions in my neighbours back garden have magically vanished
-I've started writing a new book
-And finally, I move out in a week! Yay!