Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Stopping my animation career going down the toilet

To get my animation skills up to scratch, I need a lot of practise. So I'm going to use my character "Lard" for a series of painful animation related experiments. I'm going to start with basic movements and cycles and slowly work my way up.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

AfterEffects 3D test

I've started a mad attempt to develop an interesting, dynamic opening sequence for my final film next year, and so far it's not going well... But I'll keep trying!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Time wasting - Part 4

The main structure of the book follows an ongoing business meeting, between the different characters. The presentation giving by Kreski himself, is based on a super hero called "Captain moose." The presentation of course, is never resolved.
Thats it so far.

Time wasting - Part 3

... The narrative is a bit all over the place. At any time you will be introduced to various characters and events. Time and space ill-logically flow in random unpredictable patterns.

Time wasting - Part 2

Here are the first two pages. It's impossable to read like
this so I'll give a brief synopsis of what happens...

Basically the story is a murder mystery that follows a group of various characters.

The main guy, Kreski, Is based loosely on a greasy guy who I sometimes see on the bus in the afternoons. Other characters that feature in the story include a mexican (The victim), Mr kite (who's just a bit strange), Robert Young (Who is always angry about something), and of course Kreski's disabled wife (Who doesn't have a head.)

Time wasting - part 1

My assessment is coming up soon...
So I decided to start writing a graphic novel.