Sunday, 28 June 2009

Holiday fun...

Oh dear, I've had a bit of a slow start, I've not been working as hard as I origanally planned. So far I have done four pages of sketchbook work, two animations, half a portrait of my nan, and written the theme song for my final film.

Anyway, The animation test you see before you is inspired by the animations of Ub Iwerks, (The guy who created mickey mouse.) Ub could do up to 700 frames of animation a day! This is an animation world record. As for my test, The animation is very poor, especially the walk cycle at the beginning, the timing is also very sloppy.

I am currently working on my lipsync techniques, as I think dialogue will play an important part in my finished film. The character is a singing pirate...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Showreel 09

Well here it is, A summary of everything I've done this year. The past decade has been very, very boring, I just hope this isn't the high point of my life. But saying that, I'm really looking forward to next year, It could finally be the year I take charge of reality.

I'm still sticking with the "Lard" idea for my final film, and I've decided not to make it too epic, instead I would like people to remark upon leaving the screening, "Yeah, That was alright."

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

"Finished" Lipsync

Here is my lipsync project at it's peak before I decided not to work on it any more. The sound is the is still my dad but this time I have added a farmer. And farmers are interesting.

E4 competition

I've decided to enter E4's "rather lovely video competition." This first animation is a practise run for the slightly better animation I'll do over the summer. Hopefully.

The rules for the competition...

1) No exploding heads, guts, animal torture, toilet-based unpleasantness, full frontal nudity, etc.

2) It HAS to be EXACTLY 10 seconds long.

3) It HAS to have the E4 logo in it.